This Woman’s Grandmother Aided Nazis, Then She Became A Jew

In the 1940’s, Vered Ben Sa’adon’s Dutch grandmothers grew up close to one another in terms of distance, yet were living worlds apart. As teenagers, one of them hid from the Nazis while the other aided them. Like Anne Frank, her paternal grandmother, Liesje de Vries, not only lived in hiding for years, she also wrote […]

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Chris Smith: From the NBA to Orthodox Judaism

“Coming out of college, going to the NBA was my all-time goal, and Judaism brought me back on that high.” Director of Photography – Elie Gabor Executive Producer – Seth Feldman Producer – Sara Levine Special thanks to Yeshiva University

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People Kept Asking Me If I Was Jewish And Then One Day I Decided To Be

Around Shavuot, my children come home from school with projects about the Jewish people accepting the Torah. Holding their sweet drawings, I am transported beyond the mundane routine of my life to my own unexpected decision many years ago to accept the Torah. Raised in a nice Midwestern non-Jewish household, I regularly attended church and […]

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