Los Angeles Jewish House Connects Men With Sobriety and Torah & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Jewish Actress Mila Kunis Says Shabbat Dinners Are Important for Her Family
Jewish actress Mila Kunis talked during a recent podcast interview about Judaism’s role in her life with her husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, and their two children. The couple now celebrates Shabbat every week with candlelighting and a Friday night dinner.

‘Jewish House’ Helps Reconnect Men With Sobriety and Judaism
Isaac didn’t have a bar mitzvah when he turned 13. But last April, at the age of 39, he went through the rite of passage at Jewish House Recovery Center, a sober-living home for men, located in West Los Angeles. The ceremony was led by Sammy Clifford, who operates the house with his father, David Clifford, both of whom are Orthodox Jews.

Kosher Food Stand to Open in Landmark Buenos Aires Soccer Stadium
Twenty years after the inauguration of the first Kosher McDonald’s outside Israel, Buenos Aires will be home to a kosher fast food stand – in a soccer stadium. The stand will open next week in the Boca Juniors’ Bombonera stadium, a city landmark. Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona early in his career led the team to the league title in his first year with the club. It is believed to be the first kosher fast food stand at a soccer stadium in Latin America.

Converting to Orthodox Judaism Is a Lot. Here’s How 3 Women Did It.
Converting to Orthodox Judaism is an intense and rigorous process, involving intimate rituals, intimidating religious authorities, profound emotional transformation, and a fair amount of anxiety. It’s a process that has been undertaken by model Karlie Kloss in advance of her engagement to Josh Kushner, brother to White House advisor Jared, whose wife Ivanka Trump also converted. It’s also a deeply transformative process few people will tell you they regret.

New Study: Religious Jewish Men Make More Attentive Lovers
Rabbi Hannannel Ross’s research subject for his master’s in psychology at the Hebrew University is about observant men who were willing to speak discreetly about their sexuality. Soon, scores of research subjects came rushing in, and the results were surprising.

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