Haredi Women Break Through in Politics & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Meet the Freshman Class of the Maryland General Assembly
The freshman class of Maryland’s General Assembly includes the legislature’s largest group of female lawmakers to ever serve in the state house, including Dalya Attar (D-Baltimore City): She is a Baltimore prosecutor and an Orthodox Jew.

Haredi Woman Running in Labor Aims for Revolution
When one thinks of Labor MKs, one expects them to be part of the secular establishment. That is why the election of Michal Zernowitski to a realistic slot on the crowded Labor list in the February 11 primary would be such a statement for the party. Zernowitski, 37, is the first ever Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) to run for Knesset with Labor.

New Forum Targets High-Tech Jobs for Haredi Women
The Haredi Institute for Public Affairs, together with several leading high-tech companies in Israel and prominent figures in the high-tech industry, today announced the founding of a high-tech forum aimed at improving integration of Haredim in the industry, particularly women. The target set by the forum is training 2,500 Haredi women annually in computer science in seminaries and integrating them in the labor market.

The Surprising Popularity of Kosher Food in Prison
Many inmates lie and claim to be Jewish once they enter the prison system. And why do they do it? Not as a hedge against the impending arrival of the Moshiach. They do it for the kosher food.

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