7 U.S. Freedoms Jews Should Celebrate on Independence Day

Since we were slaves in Egypt, persecution and oppression has been a major part of Jewish history. The founding of the United States of America in 1776 ushered in a new era, introducing us to a land of religious tolerance and freedom, for which we are forever grateful. According to historian John Buescher, the first […]

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Pirates of the Carribbean…Who Kept Shabbos!

  With last week’s release of the 5th installment of Disney’s popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the world once again is fascinated by the corsairs, privateers, and marauders of the golden age of piracy. While there has been talk of Jewish Pirates, few realize that most of these pirates were observant Jews! Professor Steven […]

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These Jews-Lost For Generations-Are Now Returning To Israel

Thousands of years ago our prophets spoke of a day when Jews, who had been exiled and spread around the world, would gather and return to the land of Israel. A man named Michael Freund, founder and director of Shavei Israel, might be helping to bring this millennia-old navuah to fruition. Shavei Israel, which means […]

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6 Orthodox Jews Who Made Their Mark On the American Revolution

From America’s earliest beginnings, Orthodox Jews* have been a part of the picture. The first American synagogue was New York’s Orthodox Shearith Israel, founded in 1654. Here are the top six Torah observers and their part in early American History. The Soldier at Valley Forge** – The menorah lights may have helped General Washington persevere as […]

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