The Orthodox Jew Who Marched With Dr. Martin Luther King

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once called Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel “a great prophet.” In the photo, Heschel presented King with the Judaism and World Peace Award. How did the leader of the civil rights movement come to form such a deep bond with an Orthodox Jewish rabbi? Heschel was a Polish-born American […]

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Where You Could Catch a Minyan During the Revolutionary War

The ability to practice Judaism freely has existed since our nation’s founding. The Fourth of July, aka the birthday of the United States of America, is always a great occasion to remember our blessings in being able to live in the “Medina Shel Chesed.” If you happen to come by a time machine, here are […]

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Orthodox Jews Who Fought In WWII

While no one could say that observant Jewish members of the United States Armed Forces have ever had it easy, there are many trailblazers who have made it possible for today’s Orthodox Jews in the military to thrive. But what were things like for Orthodox Jews who fought in World War II? JITC Board member, […]

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7 U.S. Freedoms Jews Should Celebrate on Independence Day

Since we were slaves in Egypt, persecution and oppression has been a major part of Jewish history. The founding of the United States of America in 1776 ushered in a new era, introducing us to a land of religious tolerance and freedom, for which we are forever grateful. According to historian John Buescher, the first […]

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