What It’s Like To Grow Up As A Black Orthodox Jew

Black Orthodox Jews are under double the scrutiny. By not feeling like they fully fit into either group, they have experienced both the uptick in Anti-Semitism that the last year brought, as well as the roller coaster aftermath of the George Floyd murder and subsequent protests. Raphi ‘Hebro’ Fulcher grew up as the son of […]

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Nissim Black Weighs In On Black And Orthodox Jewish Tensions

To hear Allison Josephs’s full-length interview of Nissim Black on her podcast, please click here. In the face of anti-Semitic attacks perpetrated by African-Americans, the current mood for Orthodox Jews of Color is one of fear, discomfort and shame.  Rapper Nissim Black discussed his views on the current situation. “It’s been very troubling for me […]

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The Eagles Running Back Who Became An Orthodox Jew

On the surface, the game of football and the Jewish religion have nothing to do with each other, but to former NFL running back and Orthodox Jew, Yosef Murray, one could not exist without the other. Having converted to Judaism, Yosef is now making an impact off the field, but it was not a clear […]

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The Man Who Leads the Jewish Community in Arusha, Tanzania

When you conjure up Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengheti desert, it’s hard to picture a Jewish community residing nearby. And yet, there they are – the Mayanot Yehudim (Mayahudim) community of Arusha, Tanzania. Not only are they 70-people strong, their leader, Peres Parpaih, is so committed to guiding the kehilla in Torah-true ways, that he […]

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