Jeremy England (aka The Next Darwin) Just Wrote A Book On Science And Torah

The origins of the universe is a contentious debate between scientists and theologians, but theoretical biophysicist, Rabbi Dr. Jeremy England of Brookline, Massachusetts doesn’t believe it has to be. Currently a senior director in artificial intelligence at GlaxoSmithKline, a principal research scientist at Georgia Tech, and an ordained Orthodox rabbi, England developed a hypothesis during his […]

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She Grew Up Chabad And Became A Shomer Shabbos Hollywood Makeup Artist

Aura Schwartz is not the typical Hollywood make-up artist. Growing up Lubavitch between the bright lights of L.A. and Chabad schools, Schwartz has always bridged both worlds. Since her parents were the active Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzin in town, she recalls, “We had everybody come through our house,” from professional producers to directors to musicians. […]

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