What Do You Do When A Rabbi Says Something Troubling?

Dear Rebbetzin- A rabbi that lots of people respect has said some very troubling things. I know we’re supposed to respect rabbinic authority, but what do I do when a rabbi says offensive, troubling things? Sincerely, C Dear C- While filtering our worldview through the lens of the Torah’s wisdom is an important part of […]

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Do Jews Believe in Hell?

Hi JITC- Do Jews Believe in Hell? Sincerely, Hayley Dear Hayley- I don’t know where the idea that Jews don’t believe in Hell got started but we most certainly do believe in one. I’ve heard umpteen times on television that Jews don’t believe in Hell – including on the venerable Simpsons. And people figure that […]

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How Does Jewish Law Handle “He Said/She Said?”

Dear Jew in the City- In the wake of the #metoo movement, it got me thinking, how would Jewish Law handle a “he said/she said” situation? How much evidence is enough to implicate someone according to the Torah in a case with no witnesses? Sincerely, A Concerned Woman Dear Concerned- I was sent this question […]

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What Is the Torah Approach to Fire Safety?

Dear Jew in the City- Since I became religious, I’ve been scared about the seemingly loose attitude about fire safety in the frum world (leaving Shabbos and Chanukah candles burning, hot plates on for 3-day Yom Tov stretches). What’s the right approach here? Sincerely, Morgan Dear Morgan- Thanks for your question. I’m with you on […]

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What Does Judaism Believe About Politics and Government?

Dear Jew in the City- Does Judaism have any opinions on politics or government? Are there Jewish Sources on how to deal with it and what our role should be? Thank you, Al Dear Al – Thanks for your question. Let’s first deal with our own form of government. Some people mistakenly think that the […]

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