Did The Maharal Really Build a Golem?

Hey Jew in the City- Was the Golem real? Have any been attempted since the Maharal? What’s the source for this? Thanks, Frankie Dear Frankie- Thanks for your question. This is one of those areas where I feel that, for many people, I’m not the right person to answer their question. On the other hand, for […]

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Why Isn’t Molestation Prohibited in the Torah?

Dear JITC- I once spoke to an Orthodox Jew who told me that he didn’t have to report abuse because there is no source for molestation being prohibited in the Torah. Why isn’t it sourced explicitly? How do we understand that it is indeed wrong according to Judaism? Best, J.A.   Dear J.A.- Wow. There […]

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What Does Judaism Say About Overeating?

Dear Jew in the City- There are so many delicious foods on the Yom Tov table and so much of them! What does Judaism say about overeating? Good Yom Tov, Kosher Foodie   Dear Foodie- Thanks for your question. Maimonides in Hilchos Deios discusses the path of moderation. This is the approach that Judaism takes in […]

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