#MeetaJewintheCity on 770WABC The Bernie and Sid Show

I was delighted to return to “The Bernie and Sid Show” this morning to discuss our Meet a Jew in the City. Make a Friend. pop up tomorrow. We are so excited to have our second event tomorrow at 42nd St between 2nd and 3rd Ave from 11:30am-1:30pm. We also spoke about the Coronavirus and […]

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The Attacks Against Hasidim Made Me (A Reform Jew) Confront My Bias

I once asked my mother, when I was a young girl, why she fasted on Yom Kippur. She isn’t particularly religious, doesn’t believe in all the Bible stories and questions the existence of God as depicted in traditional Judeo-Christian texts and ideologies. My young brain simply assumed that anyone who fasted on the holiest day […]

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2019: A Decade Of Progress, Yet Ancient Jew Hatred Makes a Return

I’m seeing all these articles online about how far we’ve come in the last decade – all sorts of technological advances: ride sharing apps, tablets, smart homes, virtual assistants. We’ve made medical advances too, in cell therapy, gene therapy, cancer immunotherapy. As a society, we have made advances in how we treat people. We are […]

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