How Do You Make Pesach If You’re A Procrastinator?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I’m avoiding thinking about Pesach, but it’s coming soon regardless. How do I best make Pesach if I’m a procrastinator? Sincerely, Mrs. Procrastinator   Dear Procrastinator, I have often heard rabbis say that they are giving advice to themselves first and foremost, and allowing other people to listen in, rather than speaking […]

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The Graphic Novel Haggadah You Need At Your Seder

Unfortunately, for too many kids (and adults), the seder evokes a sluggishly boring experience that lasts forever. Conversely, for many kids (and adults) poring over comic books is an exhilarating, addictive experience that they wish could last forever. But what if you could take the excitement from a comic book and inject it into the […]

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9 New Passover Products You Don’t Want To Miss!

Every year, a slew of brand new kosher products hit the market in preparation for the huge sale that has become the Pesach ready-made industry. Although some communities make all their own food, including the treats, most of us both rely on and enjoy the myriad of items now available at kosher markets. Here are […]

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7 Purim Hacks To Stay Organized And Sane

Purim is almost here, and it’s a time of year that can be super creative, meaningful, and can bring together families, friends, and entire communities. It can also be overwhelming and stress-inducing when the to-do list mounts and the time bound mitzvos make the day rushed and harried. Here are some ways to hack your […]

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4 Delicious Recipes for the 9 Days From “The Silver Platter”

It’s the Nine Days, when simple, nutritious dairy and parve foods take center stage. Don’t go cooking all the starchy foods – try different fish recipes, quinoa, spaghetti squashes and more! Lots of great healthy and easy recipes can be found in both of my Silver Platter cookbooks. xo, Daniella   SPINACH CHEESE BITES dairy, […]

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The Time I Spent Passover In War-Torn Iraq

The year was 2011, and I was an active duty medic for the United States Army deployed in Iraq. Being Jewish in the military was interesting at the best of times, and in the worst of times – while in an active war zone – it was exceedingly complicated. Keeping kosher in the military is […]

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