Allison Josephs’s NY Post Op-Ed On Hollywood Erasing Jews

Hollywood has a Jewish problem. It might feel unexpected when Jews are the ones who created Hollywood when they couldn’t get into another industry, but it’s a very real problem we’re facing today. Jewish roles are being given to non-Jews — something that wouldn’t fly with another minority group. Jewish tropes and erasure are often the only representation we see on screen. Commenters and critics will say we’re “playing the victim” but that only plays into another antisemitic Jewish trope that Jews have all the power. In reality, we are a major minority in this world and we’ve worked our way to get to where we are today. 

Jews experience the most discrimination out of any other minority group and the portrayals we see on screen directly play into that. If others could see positive representations, maybe it would change the way they look at the Jewish people. Here, Allison Josephs goes more in-depth for the New York Post.


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