Israeli Technology Confirms Bible Event from Book of Kings

In a time when it seems like the world is turning against us, when people all over are crying out that a Jewish state shouldn’t exist, we keep getting gifts that show us just how true to the land we are. (If only others would take note!)

The discovery by researchers at four Israeli universities corroborated the occurrence of an event described in the Bible’s Second Book of Kings — the conquest of the Philistine city of Gath by Hazael, King of Aram.

New technology created makes it possible for archaeologists to identify burnt materials discovered in excavations and estimate their firing temperatures which is important as a way to determine what time period they’re from.

By using their technique, they can figure out whether an item like a mud brick for example, underwent firing at a relatively low temperature or a higher temperature and if it was fired in a kiln at all. 

In the Tower of Babel story in Genesis, Dr. Yoav Vaknin from Tel Aviv University explains, they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks and fire them thoroughly, so they used brick for stone,” (Genesis, 11, 3).

Many believe that firing technology didn’t reach the Land of Israel until much later with the Roman conquest. Before that, they used sun-dried mud bricks. So, when bricks are found in an excavation, archaeologists ask if the bricks have been fired and if they were, were they fired in a kiln before construction or on site. The method these researchers have developed with advanced technologies can actually tell them the answers to those questions.

Ironically, as protestors around the world fight against Israel and the Jewish people, claiming we don’t have a right to be in our Homeland, more evidence gets discovered showing how true the Land we really are.

Just a few months ago, archaeologists discovered four 1,900-year-old Roman swords in a cave in the Judean Desert which researchers believe were captured by Judean rebels during the Bar Kochba revolt and placed in a narrow crevice in the rock.

In 2016, two seals, one with the name of a man and the other with the name of a woman, were found near each other during excavations of the City of David near Jerusalem National Park. The seals were found inside of a large building that dates to the First Temple period.

In 2009, a large mikvah (a Jewish ritual bath) was discovered in the Western Wall tunnels that dates to the end of the Second Temple period. “It is one of the most magnificent structures from the Second Temple period ever to be uncovered.”

These are just a few examples out of dozens more that have been excavated over the last 20 years. Of course, antisemites and those that want all Jews out of Israel will claim these to be false, that they just aren’t real or what we say they are.

Through it all, we have to remember the ultimate truth — we have a direct history in the land of Israel, we have a right to exist in this world, we deserve to be protected and protect ourselves against those who want to kill us and we will always fight evil and win. Enemies, take note.

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