Blazing Antisemitism Runs Rampant in Williamsburg

Police are searching for a group of teens who allegedly committed two attacks on Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg over the weekend, the local Shomrim organization attests.

At 12am on Motzei Shabbos (early Sunday morning), a video captured two young men chasing a Jewish man on Lee Avenue between Taylor Street and Roebling Avenue. The harassers were wearing distinctive clothing — which is relevant in the attack later that morning — and made it easy to see who did what on camera. One of the men was wearing a white T-shirt, black pants, and a black cap. The second was wearing black shorts and a blue T-shirt. While being chased, the victim’s streimel (hat) fell to the ground, and was picked up by the latter harasser in the blue shirt. He lifted the hat high, and seemed to be ready to walk away with it before dropping it next to an electric pole. The streimel is on the ground is a lone, poignant image. 

A second attack occurred a few hours later at 6am on Sunday morning: an elderly 66-year-old Jewish man was on his way to shul and approached by a larger group of teens. This group included the man in the white T-shirt from several hours prior. He proceeded to separate himself from that group — going so far as (it seems) to cross the street and spray the victim twice with a chemical fire extinguisher, completely enveloping him. He then hurled the canister at the victim — thankfully missing — and then struck the elderly man in the face, causing a minor wound.

The attack happened on Roebling Street between Division Avenue and Lee Avenue, near the incident that occurred at midnight.

NYPD is searching for the group of teens who allegedly committed these acts. They informed Hamodia that police will increase their presence in the community, saying, “We take these incidents very seriously and will ensure safety for all.” See video of attack here.


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