The View Hated On Jews Before Whoopi Goldberg’s Blunder

While Whoopi Goldberg just returned to The View after a two week suspension due to insensitive remarks about the Holocaust not being about racism and it simply being about “white on white fighting,” The View has an anti-Jewish history that long proceeded this event.

In 2009, The View co-hosts had fun slandering Orthodox Judaism and Jews during an interview with secular Jewish actress Susie Essman when she acted in an anti-religious Hallmark film, Loving Leah.  The film is about an Orthodox woman whose husband passed away and wishes to marry his secular brother to honor the practice of Yibum, which is a Torah law that allows a widow to marry her dead husband’s brother if she is childless when her husband passes away. While Yibum has been out of practice for over 1000 years, the film bringing this anachronistic practice to modern times makes Orthodox Judaism into a joke.

Continuing with the theme of degradation, Essman makes fun of Chassidic Jews while all the co-hosts laugh along. Instead of placing Yibum into correct historical context, Walters calls it “wacky” right away. Essman says that Lubavitch woman are “ugly” and bad dressers” and women wear wigs “because God forbid a man should see your hair and be driven wild with desire.” Neither Essman nor The View ever offered an apology.



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