Mayim Bialik Helps Jeopardy Contestants Answer Question About Shabbos

A question about the Shabbos staple delicacy cholent stumped Jeopardy! contestants this week, and observant host Mayim Bialik helped explain the answer. As the $400 “Sabbath” category clue presented was a photo of the traditional slow-cooked stew, alongside the following: “Exodus 35:3 bans doing this on the Sabbath, hence the Jewish dish ‘cholent,’ which can go on the stove Friday and cook until Saturday lunch.” Bialik fielded the contestant’s guesses before providing the answer, “What is ‘lighting a fire?’” She went on to say “…the word ‘cholent’ is from the French ‘chaud lent,’ [meaning] ‘cooks a long time.’” Read more here.

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  • Avatar photo moshe shoshan says on October 17, 2021

    the question and answer were problematically worded. The need for chulent is not a product of a prohibition against lighting fires on shabbat, it is a product of a prohibition against cooking, mentioned in the same passage in shemot. This is a result of a lack of Orthodox input on matter involving Orthodox Jews, an issue you frequently raise.


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