Drunken Antisemitic Attack in Brooklyn Injures Orthodox Jew

In the latest in a string of antisemitic attacks in Brooklyn, a pair of drunk men kicked and punched an Orthodox Jewish man who was walking by. The intoxicated men were seen being unsteady on their feet before yelling “f**k Jews” and “Jews shouldn’t exist” to the man before they physically attacked him. They punched him and kicked him to the ground before leaving the scene. The man’s face, neck and arm suffered minor injuries, alongside the trauma left in the incident’s wake. An investigation is underway by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force. Brooklyn’s population of over 500,000 Jews has experienced a sharp rise in antisemitic attacks in the past several months, more than even the rise in the past few years. According to the American Jewish Committee, one in four American Jews has been the target of antisemitism over the past year alone. Read more here.



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