Cleveland Teen Faces Brazen Anti-Semitic Attack

A 13-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl was attacked as she was getting off of her school bus in University Heights, Cleveland, Ohio last week. Witnesses say that a woman in a dark-colored SUV or pickup truck threw a beer bottle at the girl and shouted anti-semitic slurs at her. The middle-aged female perpetrator was wearing a baseball cap and drove away before she could be apprehended. Ring camera footage captured her image. The girl’s mother said that her daughter is emotionally scarred, though thankfully, she was not hit by the bottle. Police are “actively and vigorously” investigating the incident as a hate crime. The girl’s mother is quoted as saying, “There might be a few exceptions of these bad people, these bad eggs, but thank God, we have a wonderful community supporting us and the police and a wonderful neighborhood and we’re going to keep it that way.” Read more here.



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