Belgian Jews Feel Unwelcome in Light of Kosher Slaughter Ban

Jews in Belgium have been feeling less and less welcome in their home country, as the ritual slaughter ban which prohibits shechita, imperative to the making of kosher meat, has been upheld by the highest court in the country. While the law from 2017 makes the creation of kosher (and halal) meat illegal in the country, the meat has been imported by kosher butchers until now. However, issues with the supply chain are now making that very difficult, in addition to a lowering of quality and a hike in prices. Kosher butchers have closed, restaurants don’t have the supplies they need to feed guests, and 90% of the meat available is frozen, not fresh. Kosher food supplier Ari Mandel said, “If you want to say Jewish people are not welcome here, just say it. If you don’t explicitly say they’re not welcome, but you take measures to push them out, it’s really the same message.” Read more here.

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