New Jersey Rabbi Inspires Tidal Wave of Mitzvahs After Accident

Rabbi Avraham Bekhor of Chabad of Randolph, NJ inspired his congregation to do more mitzvos, but his speech to them about it a few months ago made only a part of the impact. It took him almost dying a few hours after giving the speech for them to take it to heart. Struck by a car while walking congregants home from his shul, Bekhor was left for dead by the side of the road. Although the accident was a hit and run, a passerby called for help and the rabbi’s broken leg, arm, shoulder and several ribs were reconstructed by doctors. “He said that every mitzvah a person does brings extraordinary light to the world and we are able to channel that energy to whatever the world needs,” shul-goer Netanya Cohen said. So a mitzvah campaign was born to help the rabbi who had helped them. With charity gifts, prayers and tehillim said, acts of kindness and more, more than 150 people pledged to help the rabbi heal through their acts. The rabbi said, “So many different people participated and took upon themselves goodness. It gave me hope and motivation to continue healing. A negative situation brought everyone together. This is the good that came out of it.” Read more here.



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