THE Best Video Explaining Why Jews Are Not Occupiers/Colonizers of Israel

Antisemitism is predicted in the Talmud and is a byproduct of Jews being in exile. This means that in every generation, Jews must shape-shift into the enemy du jour in order to be hated. The hate will defy logic. And this is how it is playing out now: the group that is committed to ending hate hates colonizers, so that’s what Jews must become. This 17 minute video explains the entire history of Israel and why we are not occupiers and colonizers. Once you watch and share this video, let people know that all the sources can be found here.

We have an obligation “ma dah l’hashiv” – know how to answer. We don’t just need to know how to answer about Judaism, we need to know how to answer why this land is ours.

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  • Avatar photo Imelda pearce says on June 9, 2021

    This is comprehensive. Thank you. It is irreverent and slapstick, but still makes many critical points. The sickening part is so many of the few of us left have been turned against ourselves in the name of compassion and justice.


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