Anti-Semitic Attacks Up by 435% Worldwide in Wake of Israel Conflict

With shocking videos captured by bystanders worldwide, the apparent huge uptick in anti-semitic attacks has been seen and felt in major cities worldwide in the past few days. From London and Toronto, to New York and Los Angeles, Jews have endured bottles smashed on them and their businesses, had their homes targeted for having mezuzahs, seen protests turn to chases, heard shouts of threats of death and rape, and in Toronto, an elderly man was lynched and a woman was sexually assaulted. While the vast majority of those attacked were not even attending rallies in support of Israel in the current conflict, the increase of more than 435% in Anti-Semitic attacks has affected Jews of all stripes and political affiliations. Orthodox Jews who are clearly and visibly such, as in the case of a man walking home from shul on Shavuos in LA who was chased, or a rabbi who was beaten in a road rage attack where anti-semitic slurs were yelled in Essex, UK, are unfortunately at an increased risk of attack. Read more about current incidents here, here and here.

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