A Conversation With Orthodox Jewish Baseball Star, Elie Kligman

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Elie Kligman is a born and bred Orthodox Jew, and at a young age, his family noticed he had a talent for baseball. He started to hone that talent, and now, as a senior in high school, several Division 1 Colleges and even some Major League Baseball teams have noticed too.

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  • David Braunstein says on February 19, 2021

    Jacob Steinmetz is from HAFTR High School and is Orthodox and has a Di Scholar ship to Fordham University D!. His father coaches D3 basketball at Yeshiva University

    • Allison Josephs says on February 21, 2021

      Very cool!

  • SABRINA HEIT says on February 21, 2021

    I am VERY PROUD of this young boy! He certainly has his head on his shoulders & knows what is Important to him like his Jewish Religion. I Pray for him & his continued success ! May Hashem bless & protect him where ever he may go!


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