13-Year-Old Turns Bar Mitzvah Project Into a Special Needs Charity

What began as Asher Rosenfeld’s bar mitzvah project has turned into a charity boasting a big impact. Inspired by his coming-of-age and wanting to incorporate community service into his celebration, Rosenfeld decided to create an opportunity for special needs children. The New York 7th grader began a project called “Audibles with Asher,” in order for kids to stay connected during Covid despite their disabilities. Rosenfeld reads to them on Zoom and then ships each child a copy of the book afterwards. He says, “I’ve always loved reading and I wanted to blend my love for reading with helping people, so we came up with the idea and partnered with Friendship Circle.” With the non-profit’s in-person services, including their LifeTown mini-city shut down for Covid, they were thrilled to offer this innovative virtual programming. Rosenfeld would love to continue his program throughout the pandemic and make them in-person sessions thereafter. Read more here.

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