Orthodox Jewish Family Beaten in Argentinian Anti-Semitic Car Attack

An Orthodox Jewish family’s trip to the Argentinian mountains was ruined when they were verbally and physically assaulted, and it escalated into death threats and physical attacks on their children. While driving to La Cumbre for a summer (now in the Southern Hemisphere) holiday, the driver, his wife, their four sons ages 11-17, a 1.5 year-old baby and the wife’s 91-year-old grandmother were blocked on the road. Two passengers in the car which blocked them proceeded to yell anti-Semitic insults at the family, shouting “f***ing Jews, get out of here. Death to the Jews.” The children started to cry and the grandmother had a panic attack so the driver tried to appeal to the attackers, when they proceeded to beat him in front of his family. When the driver fell to the ground, the children ran to help him, only to get beaten and cursed at as well. The family managed to escape and drive to a hospital for treatment and to file a police report. Read more here.

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