Safety Tips For a Covid-Kosher Sukkos & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

United Airlines Reschedules Flight for Yom Kippur
United representative Robert Einhorn confirmed that the airline changed the departure time for one of its Tel Aviv flights after a customer expressed concern about missing the flight due to her religious obligations for Yom Kippur.”After some coordination with the network team and the TLV airport authorities, the adjustment has been made,” Einhorn said, adding that the Monday departure was pushed back from 8:05 p.m. to 10:50 p.m.

Don’t Share Your Lulav and Esrog This Sukkos
United Synagogue communities have been told not to share lulav and etrog sets among congregants in order to be Covid-compliant. Rabbis and rebbetzins have been issued with new guidelines for the remaining festivals in the wake of tighter new social distancing measures.

A Sukkah Kosher For Coronavirus
This year we surely can use a change — and we can build Covid-19 safer sukkot, allowing for proper airflow and social distancing. Not only can we build them within Jewish legal parameters, but in constructing our sukkot this way, the emphasis on the fragility of life -– and the need to honor those around us -– is ever more prominent.

Batsheva Makes a Top or a Dress From a Pillowcase
Batsheva Hay has kept busy these last six months, creating quarantine-friendly fashion via face masks and house dresses in her signature ironic Amish patterns. At some point, she also acquired a collection of old patterned pillowcases from her mother, and they reminded Ms. Hay of one of the first garments she learned to make.

A Kosher Winery Creates a Prayer Space During Covid
Covenant Winery’s Morgan put a positive spin on the current pressures. “I believe that 3,500 years of tradition will fall back in place once we find a vaccine for Covid,” he said. “If anyone thinks a viral blip such as Covid can knock us down, they are not true students of history. Jewish life is not going away. But it is challenged this time.”

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