Interfaith Pen Pals Create Relationships in Lakewood & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Brussels Times Uses Photo of Haredi Jew for Coronavirus Worldwide Article
The photo comes as conflict was sparked surrounding Haredi gatherings in large quantities despite coronavirus regulations. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned the Haredi communities against large gatherings. He criticized the ultra-Orthodox community specifically, sparking outrage that he did not address other groups that were also gathering in large numbers.

Law Enforcement Comes Down On Jewish Educational Institutions
Jewish institutions are being searched for possible students or people praying. This is in a disjointed effort to stem large gatherings in NY State, of which Jews are only a part.

As UAE and Israel Normalisation Accords Settle, Kosher Restaurants Begin to Bloom
At the plush Armani hotel in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, a rabbi switches on the stoves at what is billed as Dubai’s first kosher restaurant. With the ink still fresh on the United Arab Emirates’ landmark normalization accord with Israel, restaurants and caterers are rushing to prepare for what they hope will be a flood of Jewish visitors arriving on new direct flights.

Joe Lieberman’s Son Seeks Political Office in Upcoming Election
Matt Lieberman is the son of Sen. Joe Lieberman, who served as a longtime US senator and ran as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee in the 2000 presidential election. He would have been the first Jewish person in the highest echelons of the US government and a Torah-observant Jew to boot. After two years practicing law, the younger Lieberman, 50, became a teacher and a principal at a Jewish day school, and eventually started a business to provide health care to families, small-business owners and union members.

Interfaith NJ Pen Pals Continue Bridge-Building in COVID-19 Times
Can pen pals help bridge community divides in times of political, cultural and pandemic stress? Residents in this community of 103,000, home to one of the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish enclaves and a culturally rich and rising Latinx community, certainly hope so, one pen pal partnership at a time.

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