The Frum Community Who Made a Feature Film & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

This Portuguese Jewish Community Couldn’t Afford a Rabbi. Now It Made a $1 Million Movie Coming to Amazon.
A decade ago, the tiny Jewish Community of Porto didn’t have enough money to hire a rabbi or even fix the roof of its synagogue. Today, this Orthodox congregation of 400 people in northern Portugal has enough for both, along with a kosher hotel, a ritual bath, a cantor, security guards and a new museum. As of this month, it’s also in show business.

Palm Beach Business: This ‘Cop’ Keeps Things Kosher
When it comes to keeping kosher, Allan Lieberman is the law in these parts. The long-time member of Palm Beach Synagogue has been a mashgiach — a person responsible for making sure kosher events, hotels, restaurants and other establishments adhere to kosher law — for seven years, mostly in Palm Beach and Broward counties. He’s accumulated lots of stories from the work and details them in his book, “We Want Mashgiach Now! Tales from a Kosher Cop.”

Ephraim Mirvis: Spiritual Leader of Britain’s Orthodox Jews
Ephraim Mirvis, chief rabbi since 2013, is often referred to as the spiritual leader of British Jewry. He represents the largest body of religious Jews, the orthodox United Hebrew Congregations. Mirvis, who took over from Jonathan Sacks, was born and brought up in South Africa and later studied in Israel. He was chief rabbi of Ireland from 1985 to 1992.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Fight Domestic Violence in Israel
Seven years ago, driven by high levels of gender inequality in her community, Esty Shushan co-founded an association to improve ultra-Orthodox women’s visibility and political representation. Called Nivcharot, meaning “The Chosen”, it now has around 15,000 supporters.

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