Ronald McDonald House Charities Unveils First Kosher Food Pantry & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Haredim in Tech: 50 Shades of Black
A student who has been described as “off the charts bright” graduates from one of Israel’s major academic institutions specializing in hi-tech. After graduation, as a part of a highly selective training, they reach the final round of a national cyber security contest and are hired by Microsoft as a software engineer…and became both an award-winning computer scientist and mother at 23 years old.

A Home Smart System That Helps With Religious Observances
A smart system turns lights off and on, unlocks doors for an Orthodox Jewish family. Every Friday night, as Shabbat starts in Boca Raton, all televisions in this house automatically shut down, ground-floor lights come on and bedroom lights switch off.

9 Great Photos That Show the Beautiful, Diverse Ways Israelis Mark Yom Kippur
Whether by fasting in synagogue or taking to the empty roads on bikes, Israelis observe the most standstill of Jewish holidays in personal style. Yom Kippur is one of the most unique days in Israel. Everything comes to a close – stores, TV, roads and the radio all shut off for the 25 hours of the Jewish Day of Atonement.

The First Kosher Ronald McDonald House Pantry
The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maryland unveiled its first ever kosher pantry on Thursday, in an attempt to convenience families who observe kosher dietary laws. The charities will now stock kosher snacks. Baked goods and other perishable kosher items can also be requested and delivered to the houses.

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