The Theological Approach to Impossible Burgers & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Shalt Thou Eat An Impossible Burger?
Religious doctrine scrambles to catch up to new food technology, as plant-based and cell-cultured meat reach for greater authenticity. Theologians and the devout parse what should be allowed.

Shortlist for Business Book of the Year is Announced
WSJ reporter Gregory Zuckerman’s The Man Who Solved the Market, a narrative biography of Jim Simons, the secretive founder of quant fund Renaissance Technologies has been named one of the year’s best business books. Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award’s shortlist is released each Fall.

Israeli TV Show Puts Wall Between Secular and Ultra-Orthodox Jews
Currently touring film festivals across the world, the six-part series Autonomies envisions a clash between secular Jews and the deeply religious ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, Jews. In this vision, set in the near future, civil war has cut the land into two countries. The coastal State of Israel is nonreligious, with the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv as its capital. Jerusalem is a walled, autonomous city-state, run by Haredi rabbis.

Arianna Huffington Wants a Shabbat Revolution
Arianna Huffington — founder and CEO of Thrive Global and the internet icon who set the media world on fire with Huffington Post — addresses entering the Shabbat world. She created Thrive Global in 2016 to give people and businesses practical tools to avoid burnout and boost well-being and productivity.

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