The L.A. Community’s Fight For Hatzolah & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

A Luxury Seafood Chef Turns Kosher – In The Heart Of Tel Aviv
When the chef, who is known for his alchemy with seafood realized that he could make people happy working within their dietary limits, he had a change of heart. “This is what I want to do as a chef. To give people pleasure, to make it possible for people to enjoy my food even if they don’t eat certain things.”

The UK’s Only Strictly Orthodox Jewish Stand-Up Comedian
Jewish stand-up comedian, Ashley Blaker speaks about his hilarious new show Ashley Blaker: Strictly Unorthodox.

Orthodox Jewish EMT Service Faces Fight From L.A. Fire Department
Across the United States, independent chapters of this type of Jewish emergency response service have formed agreements with city agencies to respond, free of charge, to emergencies.
But Hatzolah has long struggled to gain traction in Los Angeles, where the city fire department is the exclusive provider of emergency ambulance services.

Israeli Band Drops Out of Eurovision Contention Over Sabbath
The Israeli band Shalva has dropped out of the Eurovision Song Contest because it would force its observant members to perform on the Sabbath. With several members who are blind or have Down syndrome, the band has become a fan favorite and serious contender. Organizers said they would make no exceptions, continuing criticism that Eurovision seems tolerant of all besides Orthodox Jews.

A Journal’s New Editor Wants to Steer the Modern Orthodox Debate Into the 21st Century
American Modern Orthodoxy is in many ways an ongoing argument between Jewish tradition and modernity. It’s a balancing act from how to read the Bible to agreeing on the borders of a Jewish state to whether to ordain female clergy. The debate has taken place for six decades in the quarterly journal of the Rabbinical Council of America, aptly named Tradition.

Géza Röhrig: The Hungarian, Orthodox Jewish Movie Star
Röhrig’s latest role is in the film “To Dust,” where he portrays a Hasid grieving for his lost wife. The indie dark comedy and buddy film co-stars Matthew Broderick.

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  • Avatar photo The L.A. Community’s Fight For Hatzolah & Other Orthodox Jews in the News – Project Makom says on February 15, 2019

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