A Haredi Dream to Attend Medical School Fulfilled & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Zev Fisher: Young, Hasidic, and Entrepreneur
Zev Fisher is different than any other young, single guy living in the Hasidic community in Montreal. Sure, like all his friends his age he likes to have a good time and hang out. But unlike his friends, this 21-year-old man has a business to run. He is the founder and president of a highly successful electric company called Electriccom. With 10 highly qualified employees and several trucks, Electriccom is known for its superior quality and professionalism.

‘I Want to be a Doctor, Not a Rabbi’: How Israeli Ultra-Orthodox are Being Drawn Into Work
From the age of three, Yehuda Sabiner harboured a secret ambition to become a doctor. But it seemed unlikely to be fulfilled: he was raised in one of the strictest ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel. His education was limited to religious study, first at a private school that barely taught mainstream subjects and later at a yeshiva, a religious school, where he spent 14 hours a day studying Jewish texts. Sabiner, a bright boy and an outstanding student, was earmarked to become a leading rabbi. But he never forgot his dream.

Mark Zuckerberg Wishes Facebook A Shana Tova
With a giant shofar, Zuckerberg, who has always proudly touted his Jewish heritage, welcomed in the Jewish New Year. Facebook even included an icon of an apple and honey that users can enjoy to signify that they are celebrating Rosh Hashana.

Beekeeping a Sweet Hobby for Baltimore Rabbi at Rosh Hashana
The sweet stuff became central to Jewish cuisine over the millennia, especially on Rosh Hashana, a holiday that also marks the start of the High Holy Days, or Days of Awe. During that 10-day span, observant Jews reflect on past misdeeds, ponder the implications of their errors, make atonement through prayer and fasting, and hope for the clean slate and clear mind that come with divine forgiveness.

CBS NewYork on Masbia of Boro Park Rosh Hashanah Food Distribution
Masbia of Boro Park does more that distribute food to the needy on Rosh Hashana. They enable hundreds of families who would otherwise not be able to celebrate the holiday to do so with dignity and comfort.

Pioneer Women Are Taking Over the City
Over the past six months it is as if the Donner Party has set out to brave the wilds of DeKalb Avenue instead of Hastings Cutoff. Suddenly, “My Antonia” is everyone’s Antonia! The prints are Laura Ashley-esque micro-florals, calicos and gingham, the necklines are high, sometimes there is a bib or apron, there is usually at least one ruffle.

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