Universal Music’s New Hasidic Star & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

’93Queen’: Film Review | Hot Docs 2018
Forget Supergirl and Wonder Woman. To see a real female superhero in action, check out Paula Eiselt’s documentary concerning the creation of an all-female, Hasidic EMT corps. 93Queen centers on Rachel “Ruchie” Freier, the co-founder of the organization that gives the film its title, and watching this intrepid woman in constant exhausting motion will make even the biggest overachiever feel like a slacker.

Kosher Restaurant Goes Viral With Reverse Food Trend: Spaghetti in Meatballs
Reverse food trends are the name of this game, apparently. Thrillist gave kosher restaurant Noi Due a tip of the hat in its new Instagram post honoring Noi Due’s commitment to breaking the Internet in the form of a new dish entitled spaghetti in meatball, rather than the tired old spaghetti with meatballs.

Hasidic Pilgrims Say Rabbi’s Grave Buried Under Polish School
A schoolyard in Poland which was built on what is believed to be the grave of a prominent 19th-century rabbi has become the site of an unofficial pilgrimage, Israel’s Kan Broadcaster reported. Haredi followers of the Modzitz Hasidic dynasty, which is based in Israel, discovered in 2013 that the movement’s founder, Rabbi Yehezkel of Kuzhmir, was buried in what is now a public school in Kazimierz Dolny in eastern Poland, according to the report Sunday.

Teens Lend a Hand in Home Repair in Puerto Rico
Twenty teens from New Jersey are currently building temporary homes and repairing roofs in storm-damaged Puerto Rico with the NJ NCSY’s Fred and Rose Distenfeld Chesed Mission. NCSY is an Orthodox Jewish youth group under the auspices of the Orthodox Union.

Universal Music Discovered Hasidic Singer Shulem Lemmer on YouTube. They Just Released His First Singles.
As best he can recall, Universal Music executive Graham Parker was just looking for a Passover song on YouTube to play for his kids. That’s how he stumbled across Belzer hasid Shulem Lemmer’s a cappella rendition of the traditional ditty “Chad Gadya.” Parker was immediately hooked.

First Aid Bracelet Wins First Place at Orthodox, Women-Only Hackathon
A team of five Orthodox students took first place last Thursday following a 44-hour, female-only hackathon held in Jerusalem. Their winning design, a voice-to-text bracelet intended to relay information from first responders to hospitals, was created in response to a problem posited by Intel: how to improve communications between those first on the scene and emergency treatment centers in the event of a mass casualty incident?

Haredi-Made: Inside the Only Gallery in an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood
Jerusalem’s Art Shelter Gallery is probably the only social art gallery of its kind to operate in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. The gallery, located in the center of the Mekor Baruch neighborhood in Jerusalem, was founded as an outlet for artists who came to realize they don’t have to choose between art and religion, Noa Lea Cohn, the gallery’s director and curator explains.

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