Triple Crown Champs Back a New Horse & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Triple Crown Champs Racing Manager is Backing a New Horse
The family is Orthodox Jewish — which means their Sabbath conflicts with Saturdays, when races are held. As a result, the Zayats can’t drive to and from the track (nor can they communicate via phone). Instead, they typically stay in a hotel about a mile away and walk together. “My parents always say, ‘We’re not going to sacrifice our beliefs because of a horse race,’ ” Justin said. “We stick to our morals.”

The Tycoon Who Donated Half a Billion Dollars to Jewish Causes
Russian businessman Roman Abramovich had poured half a billion dollars into Jewish communities in Russia, Israel and other countries around the world, over the past 20 years, The Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJCR) announced Sunday. “We have experienced a strong reappearance of Jewish communities in Russia over these past 20 years, and much of it has been made possible thanks to generous contributions like the one of Mr. Abramovich,” said Chief Rabbi Lazar.

How Religion is Coming to Terms With Modern Fertility Methods
Esther Friedman held the Book of Psalms with both hands as she peered over her glasses at the fertility lab monitor. There were eight beautiful round eggs, retrieved from a young woman earlier that day. A technician grabbed a long glass tube, filled it with sperm and, within a few minutes, the eggs were fertilized. Eight potential new lives had just been conceived. Friedman — an Orthodox Jewish rabbinical observer hired by the prospective parents — took a step back, lowered her eyes and began to pray.

Documentary About Female Hasidic Trailblazers Gets World Premiere in Canada
When Eiselt first heard about Freier’s story more than six years ago, she wanted desperately to document it on camera. But Freier was reluctant – getting an inside look at the Hasidic community is notoriously difficult, and access would require trust. Eiselt, who is modern Orthodox, spent months corresponding with Freier before she was allowed in. “I knew how hard it was to get access to this community, but I felt like no matter what, it was going to happen.”

The Man Making Hasidic Music Pop
He’s been called the Hasidic Lady Gaga and the Jewish Elvis, but soon you’re going to know him as just Lipa Schmeltzer. This mini-documentary explores Schmeltzer’s origins, and where he’s going in the future of music.

Fashion Vet Joyce Azria Bets Big On Amazon With Her Next Venture
Few people understand the retail apocalypse as well as 36-year-old Joyce Azria. Over the course of her life, she’s witnessed the complete life cycle of a fashion label. Thirty years ago, her father, Max Azria, launched the iconic mall brand BCBG, which made the hottest red carpet looks available to everyday women for under $500.

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