This Stunning Retreat is One of Five New Philly Mikvahs & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Anne Frank House Banned Orthodox Jewish Employee From Wearing His Skullcap at Work
A Jewish employee at Anne Frank House could not believe his ears when his bosses banned him from wearing a skullcap at work. Barry Vingerling turned up for work on his first day at the museum in Amsterdam and was told to take off his ‘yarmulke’. Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and museum dedicated to a famous Jewish teenager who wrote a diary as she hid from the Nazis in World War II.

Ultra-Orthodox Yom Kippur War Hero Dies 45 Years After War
A Yom Kippur War hero who dedicated his life to commemorating fallen IDF soldiers died Saturday, 45 years after a missile struck his tank on the Golan Heights. In the past few weeks, complications from Yitzhak Drexler’s wounds worsened and his condition deteriorated. His funeral was held Sunday in Jerusalem.

This Ultra-Orthodox Activist is Fighting Against the Deportation of African Asylum Seekers
“If we want to deserve to be called human beings, we must take action,” said an Ultra-Orthodox Female Activist who allowed herself to be filmed anonymously. “And in the name of our Torah…and in the name of our view of God’s will, this is God’s call to us.”

Yom Hazikaron Ceremony in Haredi Yeshiva
One small step for a yeshiva, one giant leap for Judaism. The Hassidic Midrasha in Beitar led by Rabbi Menachem Bombach commemorates Yom Hazikaron in a way you have to see to believe.

Unique Haredi Group Stages Remembrance Day Event
For the second year running, a group of haredi men and women held a Remembrance Day ceremony in what the organizers hope will become a regular feature of the community’s calendar.The event was organized by activists from a unique haredi community which began life as a Facebook group called The Torah Hub for young men and women who are integrated to a greater extent into Israeli society than other components of haredi society.

A Mikvah Building Boomlet as Jewish Ritual Baths Open Around the Region
Each tile, light fixture, sink, and doorknob had been selected to give those who stepped down into the water a sense of spiritual renewal and a peacefulness evoking God; the only thing missing was rain. The new Mayim Chaim Congregation Beth Solomon Community Mikvah needed the heavens to let loose and supply at least some of the water in which members would immerse themselves to achieve religious purity.

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