All Star Judge Ruchie Freier Tells Women Not to Compromise Their Values & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

New DeScribe Video Highlights Opioid Use in Orthodox Community
Trigger warning for adult content. If you or someone you know needs help contact Amudim at 646-517-0222 or visit them online at http://www.amudim.org.

Parliament “Bans” Kosher Meat in its Restaurants
A “de facto ban” has been imposed on kosher and halal meat in cafeterias and restaurants in Parliament, which flies in the face of government policy on non-stun slaughter, the JC can reveal. The “ban” was imposed by catering staff after consultation with animal rights groups. Jewish and Muslim groups have not previously been made aware of the decision and it is not clear how long the policy has been in place.

Don’t Compromise Your Values, First Hasidic Female Judge Tells Fellow Women
A little over a year ago, thanks to her community’s support, Rachel Freier made history by becoming the first Orthodox Jewish woman to hold public office in the US. In a special interview, she tells Ynet how she broke the glass ceiling and discusses the new opportunities available to Haredi women in America.

Israel to Get its First Female Haredi Judge?
Israel could soon have its very first female haredi judge, with the appointment coming as soon as next month. Speaking with Kikar Shabbat at the ‘Ahat Mul Kulam’ women’s conference Monday night, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) vowed to pursue the appointment of a haredi woman as judge, noting that there has yet to be a female haredi judge in Israel.

Vienna’s Growing Kosher Scene a Case Study of Thriving Jewish Life in Europe
While much of American and Israeli Jewry view Europe either as a “flyover continent” or as a vast and dangerous pit of anti-Semitism from which all Jews must flee, figures indicate rising numbers of Jews living in relative comfort in many of Europe’s largest cities. Jewish organizations, schools, stores and restaurants that are cropping up, particularly in Austria’s capital of Vienna, which now houses an estimated 15,000-20,000 Jews.

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