Modest Goes Modish & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Experts Uncover Evidence of Ancient Jerusalem’s Destruction by the Babylonians
Archaeologists excavating the City of David in Israel’s Jerusalem Walls National Park have uncovered charred wood, grape seeds, pottery, fish scales and bones and numerous rare artifacts that date back to the city’s demise at the hands of the Babylonians more than 2,600 years ago. Among the findings, which depict the affluence and character of ancient Jerusalem, capital of the Judean Kingdom, were dozens of jars used to store grain and liquids.

This Year’s Big Fashion Trend? Modesty!
A code of dressing including raised necklines and falling hemlines has reached the high street through brands like Cos and Zara, with celebrities like Adele and Amal Clooney following suit. Orthodox Jewish women may get less press than Muslims, but some were fashion trail-blazers, blogging and designing for women like them who combine modesty and style, including Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria!

Shabbos in Seoul: The Pleasures of Shul in Faraway Places
Other than a chapel on the U.S. military base, which is off limits to civilians, there is only one synagogue on the entire Korean Peninsula. So a man and his wife sets out to find Chabad of Korea and in its basement, a small minyan of about 12 men. Chatting with them over Scotch and cholent at kiddush allowed for incredibly rich insights into what it is like to live and be Jewish in South Korea.

Peter Himmelman: ‘A Glimpse of Something Richer’
The term multifaceted has never applied to one person more so than to Peter Himmelman, who is a singer, songwriter, motivational speaker, children’s artist, poet and even the voice of a therapy bear. Thirty years (and 37-plus albums in) Mr. Himmelman, who also happens to be Bob Dylan’s son-in-law, continues to motivate creativity with his own work and through his organization BigMuse.com while on tour, in which he has a special consideration. “I only eat kosher food…”

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