L.A.’s Kosher Taco Obsession & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

In Venice, Caring For The Dead, And Affirming Life
You can’t help but love and admire Aldo Izzo’s dedication to burying the dead in Venice, after seeing the exhibition of Hadassa Goldvicht’s new work, “I Am Yours And My Dreams Are Yours/The House of Life” at Meislin Projects. The New York show offers a poetic glimpse of Goldvicht’s show “The House of Life,” on view at the Venice Biennale, at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, presented in collaboration with the Israel Museum.

Taco Tuesday: Kosher Birria Tacos
We have been hearing about Katsuji Tanabe for so long, including his pop-ups, omnipresence at food festivals, and runs on “Chopped,” “Top Chef” and “Top Chef Mexico,” that it is sometimes easy to lose track of his actual restaurant, which is a modest taqueria in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood south of Beverly Hills. And as odd as the idea of an organic kosher taco place run by a Jewish Japanese chef from Mexico City may be, MexiKosher is surprisingly approachable — it’s basically run on the Chipotle model.

Spiritual Roundup: How Faiths Intersect
In the knowing hand of November, an Orthodox Jew who claims Leonard Cohen as an early influence, a good dose of illumination is brought down from on high. He allows a radiant spiritual light to shine through deeply human fissures. “Two Worlds Exist,” November’s second collection of poems, reads nearly Talmudic — that is, as commentary on the holiest text.

Giving Comfort
“Everyone deals with infant death or pregnancy loss differently, and I knew that this was something that I wanted to help others with,” Ms. Judas said. In 2008, she founded NechamaComfort, a support organization for people who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant.

Man on Verge of Death Saves Himself By Jumping Into A Safe
The hand of God reached down Monday to a Brooklyn yeshiva, where a worker miraculously escaped being crushed to death by a massive safe meant to hold sacred Torahs, witnesses said. The man had just finished installing the heavy vault at the Rabbinical College Yeshiva of Machzikai Hadas in Borough Park — where a rash of thefts had recently hit the area — when it suddenly tipped over. He scooted into a gap left by the 2,500-pound safe’s hatch and wound up sitting unharmed inside. For 45 minutes, he curled up next to a large red Torah.

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