Jew in the City Presents “The Sound of Silence” feat. The Maccabeats

In a world obsessed with devices, it occurred to me that we are living in an age where silence dominates many situations. Silence between couples, silence between families, silence everywhere you turn as people tap, tap, tap on their devices. What an isolating existence.

But what if there was an antidote to silence? What if one day a week, people could put away phones, tablets and computers and actually see each other and communicate and laugh and live?

There is such a day. It is called Shabbos.

Music: The Maccabeats
Director of Photography: Elliot Gabor
Executive Producer: Seth Feldman
Associate Producer: Sara Levine
Candlesticks: Hazorfim
Makeup: Louise Lerman

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  • Avatar photo Julie says on December 6, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this! Just an FYI, the link to their website isn’t working. It should point here: http://www.maccabeats.com/

    • Avatar photo adjustablewrench@hotmail.com says on December 23, 2021

      Loved 🥰. Talented and Fitting for our time.

  • Avatar photo Just Assume That Everyone Around You Is Shomer Negiah - Jew in the City says on April 4, 2019

    […] any time soon. However, just as more and more people are seeing the wisdom in the concept of a weekly unplugging, that Orthodox Jews do every week on Shabbos, I would like to suggest that we consider popularizing […]

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    […] have a lot to be proud of. We have a beautiful community and deep and meaningful traditions, but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t let corruption, hypocrisy, and abuse creep into […]

  • Avatar photo Msrk says on December 26, 2021

    Very well performed,
    Excellent Harmony.
    Shabbat Shalom


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