Maccabeats’ Chanukah Hamilton & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Donald Trump Taps Hardline Orthodox Attorney as Israel Ambassador
Donald Trump has nominated David Friedman, a Jewish Orthodox bankruptcy lawyer, to serve as his ambassador to Israel. Friedman served as an adviser to Trump during the campaign and is believed to be a strong force behind the President-elect’s hardline pro-Israel stance.

Kung Pao Kosher Comic Keeps the Faith and Won’t Eat Traif
Most comics get their start in the comedy clubs of New York or Los Angeles. Alex Edelman took the kosher route. He broke into stand-up playing the clubs of Jerusalem.

Shul Ties: Ivanka and Jared’s Big Move Has D.C.’s Jews Buzzing
The possibility that influential members of the first family could attend the only Modern Orthodox synagogue servicing downtown D.C. has become the premier topic of conversation at Shabbat dinners, and among members gossiping after services. Nobody is certain where Trump and Kushner, who comes from a devout Orthodox family and typically observes the Sabbath, will ultimately end up.

It’s a Hanukkah Miracle: Taboon Opens as SF’s Only Kosher Bakery
Just in time for Hanukkah, a kosher bakery is debuting in San Francisco, upping that category 100 percent. Called Taboon, it’s SoMa’s newest opening and already selling out of its wares daily.

Jewish A Capella Group Parodies Hit Broadway Show Hamilton With Witty Chanukah-Inspired Rendition of the Musical
The Maccabeats, the Orthodox Jewish All Star a capella group from Yeshiva University, created and performed this timely set of tunes. The group sang takes on ‘Alexander Hamilton’, ‘My Shot’, ‘You’ll Be Back’, and ‘The Story of Tonight’. Each of the songs was rewritten to tell the story of Chanukah, though they retain the same melody and some of the same lyrics.

Most American Jews Will Be Orthodox Soon
Dramatic Orthodox Growth Is Transforming the American Jewish Community  The overall American Jewish population size is stable and growing, but its character is shifting dramatically. The Orthodox population (Haredi, centrist, and modern) is exploding. The non-Orthodox are in sharp decline.

This Rabbi is Building a Giant Menorah Out of Pizza
Giant menorahs have been around for decades, but a mega menorah made of pizza set to rise over Clearwater Beach is likely the first of its kind. The pizza menorah comes from the mind of Levi Hodakov, a rabbi at Chabad of Clearwater and a self-proclaimed “major pizza fan” (kosher definitely, New York style preferably).

Armed With Faith and Kids, Haredi Women Set Eyes on Tech
A busload of ultra-Orthodox women begins a pilgrimage to Israel’s high-tech stalwarts at Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Intel and more. The trip was organized by KamaTech, a nonprofit organization and startup accelerator for ultra-Orthodox entrepreneurs that aims to integrate ultra-Orthodox men and women into Israel’s high-tech industry.

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