The First Hasidic Jew Who Threw The First Pitch In The World Series

Daniel Eleff, Lubavitch rabbi and CEO of the popular savings and credit card points forum DansDeals.com opened the final game of this year’s World Series. The Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs were tied in the series with three games each, and while the Cubs were ultimately victorious, it was a nail-bitingly intense game with a tenth inning rain delay. Having pledged 1.06 million Starwood Points in an auction, lifelong Cleveland sports fan Eleff not only won tickets to the game, but had the honor of the first ceremonial pitch. He proceeded Jim Thome, a hall-of-famer whose statue stands just outside the stadium where the game took place.

Eleff has become a guru to thousands in how to best obtain and use credit card points and airline miles and has been all over the world with his family, often flying first class and all by using these perks. His site and forum get over 60,000 unique hits daily, and is regarded as a go-to site in the larger world of online deals and not just in the Jewish community. He is gratified to know that many Jews have used the points he has helped them to get in order to attend simchas and other life events, as well as enjoy Yomim Tovim with far-off family.

A Fifth-generation Clevelander on both sides of his family, Eleff is passionate about the Indians and their opportunity as well as his own. In 2013 he used his United Airlines miles to steal 2nd base at an Indians game, which he says was “by far my coolest use of miles ever.” Until last night that is. “It’s a lifelong dream come true.”

Although the evening would have been special in and of itself, it also happened to be Eleff’s wedding anniversary. Mrs. Eleff was by her husband’s side, as they reveled in the pitch and the roller coaster ride that was the game. Although the Indians ultimately lost, Eleff remains a winner.

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