Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria of BCBG Creates Own Fashion Line for Millennial Women & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


Jeremy Piven Becomes a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

With an *entourage* consisting of Amare Stoudemire and Omri Casspi, Jeremy Piven had a service at Aish HaTorah’s world center, overlooking the Kotel. Better yet, he was given the gift of helping Hatzalah save lives.

A Rabbi Who Keeps Things Kosher at Manischewitz

Mashgiachs have a fascinating job at companies all over the world, but what about in the heart of one of the most famous kosher companies around? The New York Times explores it.

Chief Rabbi: Don’t Sweep Child Abuse Under the Rug

Chief Rabbi David Lau is addressing Charedi schools and educators in Israel to open their eyes to child abuse of any kind. With national attention on the controversial topic, the Chief Rabbi is hoping to make a lasting change in the community.

Joyce Azria Exits BCBGeneration to Launch Own Line

BCBG Founder Max Azria’s daughter and JITC Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria is excited to announce the creation of her new company, a clothing and accessory line Avec Les Filles. Debuting to buyers in LA this week, we are excited to see her designs for Millennial Women.

North London Jews Find Room to Flourish in the Wide Open Spaces of Canvey Island

As Stamford Hill space is at a premium and prices soar, young Charedi families have found a new home on Canvey Island in Essex. While the new community scrambles to find all the amenities it needs, the London Times is referring to the Island as the new “Promised Land” for Orthodox Jews.

New Documentary Offers Rare Glimpse at Life Inside Reclusive Ultra-Orthodox Community

“City of Joel” is an upcoming documentary that spends a year inside Kiryas Joel, showing an impartial peek at the educational issues at stake in the community. Following a few English-speaking families, the film provides insight on a sect that receives little press.

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