How Yeshivas Grow Future Engineers & Other Orthodox Jews in The News

Jerusalem Students Design New Medical Technology For Infants at Hackathon A group of students at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) won a prize for designing a wireless oxygen saturation monitor for infants as part of the second annual women’s hackathon at the college’s Machon Tal campus last week. The device was designed as a […]

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Haredi Men Enlist in Mossad & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Orthodox Family Speaks Out About Opioid Abuse in the Religious Community The opiate epidemic raging across the country has seeped into nearly every community, and the Orthodox population is not immune. Community leaders say the drug problem is growing. Applications to kosher drug rehab are soaring, Narcan is being carried by Hatzalah ambulances, which serve […]

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Yeshiva Bochurs Are the New Entourage & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Young Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Increasingly Prioritizing Career, Education Over Marriage, Family According to figures obtained by Haaretz from the upcoming statistical report on ultra-Orthodox society for 2017 (published jointly by the Israel Democracy Institute and the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies), the Haredi community has undergone a dramatic shift in marriage patterns over the last […]

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Haredim Learn to Prevent Abuse & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Ultra-Orthodox Community Tahel, the crisis center for religious women and children, is reaching out to one of the most insulated communities in Israel by tackling sexual abuse among the ultra-Orthodox. Monday was the first day of the group’s three-day conference titled, “Creating Safe Communities; Creating Hope.” The gathering at the […]

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