Teaneck Family Fights Substance Abuse & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Teaneck Family is Fighting Substance Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community
One year ago, the Formans opened up about their daughter’s struggle with drug addiction. At the time, they did not know of anyone else in their close-knit Orthodox community of Teaneck who was grappling with the same thing. They floundered for years, trying to find the right resources and support to help their family.

What Can Stop the Measles Outbreak? Officials Lean on an Unlikely Band of Locals
To fight the biggest measles outbreak in the U.S. in more than a quarter-century, public-health officials have tried robocalls, vaccination audits and orders and $1,000 fines, but nothing has worked to stop the disease’s spread. Now, officials are increasingly counting on an informal network of community groups, religious leaders and local medical practitioners.

Orthodox Couple’s Suit Says Spirit Airlines Staffer Called Them ‘Retarded Jews’
An Orthodox Jewish couple from New York has filed a lawsuit against Spirit Airlines alleging anti-Semitic harassment by a flight attendant on a flight to Florida. Yisroel Sternberg and Chana Beck and their three children boarded the flight to Fort Lauderdale from Newark in January.

NYPD Traffic Cop Calls Driver STUPID JEW in Manhattan
A motorist was trying to get into the Queens Midtown Tunnel, but was unable to get out of the lane he was in, and attempted to make a turn. A traffic cop took a look at the Orthodox Jewish driver and his passenger, and told them “you can’t make a right turn, you stupid Jew.”

Anti-Vaxers Make Life Tough For Parents of Young Babies in New York
The Singer family has had to change their lives because of a group of people they’ve never met. The Singers live in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Rockland County, New York, where many parents refuse to vaccinate their children. They would love to vaccinate their daughter, Malky, but at 2 months old, she’s too young.

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