This Orthodox Jew Turned Tragedy Into A Chance To Save Lives

What if you were genetically screened before you and your spouse got pregnant, but then gave birth to a child with a severe illness that could have been prevented? You might despair and lose hope, but if you were Randy Gold, an Orthodox Jew from Atlanta, you’d vow to make sure this never happened to […]

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The Haredi Rabbi Who Is Bringing High-Tech to Bnei Brak and Beyond

Moshe Friedman may come from 42 generations of rabbis, but at 30 years old (after becoming a rabbi first, of course!) this seventh generation Israeli knew he had to forge another path. “My great-grandfather was the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, the founder of the Eidah Haredit…But when I was 30 years old, […]

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Does Judaism Believe That AI Could Take Over The World?

Dear Jew in the City- Elon Musk just warned the world that we had better get A.I. under control before robots take over the world. Are there any Jewish sources which might help us understand this better? Is this a fear according to Jewish wisdom? – Robotic Neurotic   Dear Rob- Thanks for your question. […]

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