Is Rosh Hashana Meant to Be a Scary Holiday?

Dear Jew in the City- I was raised to see Rosh Hashana as a terrifying time of year, that I would be judged by God in (aka Who Will Live and Who Will Die). I’ve obviously made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve met people who approach the holiday in a more positive way. What’s […]

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What Does Judaism Say About Overeating?

Dear Jew in the City- There are so many delicious foods on the Yom Tov table and so much of them! What does Judaism say about overeating? Good Yom Tov, Kosher Foodie   Dear Foodie- Thanks for your question. Maimonides in Hilchos Deios discusses the path of moderation. This is the approach that Judaism takes in […]

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The Orthodox Jewish Female Beekeeper

Hinda Kohn is a college student in Florida with an unusual hobby for an Orthodox Jewish woman. As a beekeeper, she has faced a battle to enjoy her hobby fully. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I had to convince my parents of it first.” While bees are usually tame and don’t bother people […]

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Five Fast Facts About Shofars

The month of Elul has crept up on us, taking us on the annual plunge from summer fun to pre-Yom Tov planning. Beyond arranging for menus and buying new outfits, Elul is the season of Cheshbon Hanefesh – the accounting of our actions we do each year, in order to prepare for Rosh Hashana spiritually. […]

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How to Fit An Accounting of the Soul Into Your Busy Elul

I was listening to a podcast the other day about the importance of maintenance (in business, specifically, but also in all areas of life), and how easy it is to drift off course incrementally if you’re not paying attention. This is something that I find directly relevant to my life as an Orthodox Jewish woman. […]

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