How Do We Blow Shofar During a Pandemic?

Dear JITC- How do we deal with blowing a shofar during a pandemic that spreads through viral droplets? Thank you, Ryan Dear Ryan- I’m glad you asked this question because it’s something that has concerned me literally for months. Unfortunately, the reason it concerned me was because, as you say, blowing a shofar spreads droplets […]

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Crypto-Jewish Kosher Cookbook Debuts & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

MTA Officials Ask Orthodox Jewish Transit Worker to Prove He’s Observing Rosh Hashanah MTA officials demanded an Orthodox Jewish transit worker prove he observes Rosh Hashanah for “a religious reason” in order to get the holiday off. Benjamin Schaeffer, a 22-year MTA transit worker, was initially denied permission to take off for the Jewish new […]

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What’s the Meaning of Blowing the Shofar?

Dear Jew in the City- What’s the meaning of blowing the shofar and why are there different shofar sounds? Sincerely, Jessica P. Dear Jessica- Very often, to answer a question, I’ll take a roundabout path to ultimately arrive at the answer. In this case, the response is much more straightforward. The shofar has a lot […]

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