Orthodox Jewish All Star, David Mazouz, Teen Star of Fox’s Gotham

Meet David Mazouz, former co-star to Kiefer Sutherland and yeshiva day school student who loves learning Gemara. “Judaism is where I feel most comfortable always, and it always will be. That’s where I feel at home. Whenever I don’t really know what to do in a certain situation, or I’m lost in any kind of way…Judaism, […]

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The Shame of The Lakewood Arrests, And What We Should Do Next

Two weeks ago, we released “The Sound of Silence,” and hundreds of thousands of Jews across the internet were on a high. Our world is too constantly connected. People do need some time to unplug. Observant Jews have the secret to a healthy tech-life balance. “Tears, chills, and touched hearts” were reported in comment after comment, and pride in […]

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Does Flying On A Plane On Shabbos Make You Not Orthodox?

On Friday morning, I opened up Facebook and read that Jared and Ivanka Kushner were going to be flying to the Mideast with President Trump that night on the Jewish Sabbath. A spokesperson for the couple said they had gotten approval to do so from a rabbi. As I read through the comments of several […]

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When Should You Consult a Rabbi About a Question?

  Dear Jew in the City- When should a rabbi be consulted? It seems that in some communities rabbis are asked about every mundane detail of life, things that aren’t even related to Jewish law. Other times, people talk about consulting rabbis on a halachic matters when really it’s just a matter of opinion. So […]

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Why Do Rabbis Just “Make Stuff Up?”

Dear Jew in the City, Can you explain how the basic Biblical commandments re: such subjects as the kosher laws have been vastly elaborated and expanded on by post-Biblical rabbis? For example, the kosher laws as spelled out in the Bible (in which God simply says “don’t eat this”) have morphed into a mammothly elaborate set […]

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