When Is It Okay To Question Rabbinic Leadership?

Dear Jew in the City- I know we’re supposed to have emunah b’chachamim, but what if I experienced rabbis doing bad things? When do I have emunah and when can I question leadership? Thanks, D.J. Dear D.J.- Thanks for your question and sorry if you have had negative experiences. First, I’d like to clarify the […]

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Should a Rabbi Meddle Into Someone Else’s Personal Life?

Dear Jew in the City- Should a rabbi meddle into someone else’s personal life? Thank you, R.B. Dear R.B.- Thanks for your question. First, let’s clarify what you mean by a “rabbi.” In the Orthodox community, becoming a rabbi is not the same as becoming a priest in Catholicism. In many ways, it’s more like […]

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Can a Tzadik Make a Mistake?

Dear JITC- Can a tzaddik make a mistake? Thanks, Shevy Dear Shevy- Of course! We see that our greatest, most righteous leaders were capable of errors of various kinds! This can include both factual errors and errors in judgment. Just a few examples include: Avraham and Sarah disagreed about how to handle the situation involving […]

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How Do I Find Out Which Orthodox Community is For Me?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I was raised to believe there was only one way to be Orthodox and that never worked for me. Now that I understand there are many paths within the community, I am trying to figure out how a person decides where they belong? Any advice? Thank you, Melanie Dear Melanie- What a […]

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