How Can I Understand The Men Depicted On Shtisel?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve answered question about the difference between Chasidim and Orthodox Jews, as well as on the women of Shtisel versus the women of Unorthodox. Last week’s questioner asked even more about Hasidic Jews and those on Shtisel [though while the answers are about Hasidic Jews, the characters of Shtisel are […]

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When Is It Okay To Question Rabbinic Leadership?

Dear Jew in the City- I know we’re supposed to have emunah b’chachamim, but what if I experienced rabbis doing bad things? When do I have emunah and when can I question leadership? Thanks, D.J. Dear D.J.- Thanks for your question and sorry if you have had negative experiences. First, I’d like to clarify the […]

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Should a Rabbi Meddle Into Someone Else’s Personal Life?

Dear Jew in the City- Should a rabbi meddle into someone else’s personal life? Thank you, R.B. Dear R.B.- Thanks for your question. First, let’s clarify what you mean by a “rabbi.” In the Orthodox community, becoming a rabbi is not the same as becoming a priest in Catholicism. In many ways, it’s more like […]

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Can a Tzadik Make a Mistake?

Dear JITC- Can a tzaddik make a mistake? Thanks, Shevy Dear Shevy- Of course! We see that our greatest, most righteous leaders were capable of errors of various kinds! This can include both factual errors and errors in judgment. Just a few examples include: Avraham and Sarah disagreed about how to handle the situation involving […]

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How Do I Find Out Which Orthodox Community is For Me?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I was raised to believe there was only one way to be Orthodox and that never worked for me. Now that I understand there are many paths within the community, I am trying to figure out how a person decides where they belong? Any advice? Thank you, Melanie Dear Melanie- What a […]

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