How This Orthodox Jewish Woman Gives Back to COVID Nurses

What image comes to mind when you think about Orthodox Jews during the Coronavirus crisis? Shoshana Bernstein of Monsey, New York is changing that perception to one of Kiddush Hashem, providing meals and snacks to emergency room nurses on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. But Bernstein isn’t a stranger to doing good […]

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Can We Ever Sin in Order to Do Good?

Dear Jew in the City- Can we ever sin in order to do good? On one hand, I know you can’t do an aveirah to do a mitzvah, but on the other, I heard that Queen Esther committed a sin for the good of the Jewish people. Which one is it? Thank you, L.E. Dear […]

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Meet a Jew in the City. Make a Friend.

With the increase in violence against Orthodox Jews, culminating with the Jersey City shooting and Monsey stabbing, our team responded with kindness and started building bridges, one cup of coffee at a time. What began as a pop up in one location in Harlem quickly went viral, with a demand for pop ups like this […]

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